Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A day on the Llangollen Railway - continued.

I became rather engrossed in my book such that I missed my favourite part of  the railway, the bridge over the Dee, not far from Llangollen itself.

Arrival in Llangollen was rather reminiscent of what station life must have been like in the railway's heyday - hustle and bustle and people everywhere.

An enamel sign extolled the virtues of Cornwall, comparing the county to Italy - clever. 

I'd decided to spend a little time in the town and revisit  some of the attractions. But first a few photos from the bridge. 

Llangollen certain has done well in dressing the town in flowers.

Flags are another of the town's signatures because of the International Music Eisteddfod which is held here each year.   

Lunchtime beckoned and I knew how good the Corn Mill pub and restaurant was so I headed there. Crab linguine with ginger, red chilli and coriander spoke to me from the menu and the Coconut Panacotta positively shouted. Finishing a cup of coffee, I took to the streets.

Tried a hiking shop, looking for a servicable UV hat with wide brim. Why don't they fit? Surely it can't be that my head's too big.

I walked to the canal wharf, one of the highest parts of the town which is always a surprise to visitors.

The horse drawn passenger boats were doing good business. I hung about waiting for a good photo.

Time was running out and the three o clock train back to Carrog was not to be missed.

A great day out - but now back home to The Old Mill where Guests awaited as did the computer with its never ending stream of emails to be dealt with.


  1. We are so lucky Neil to have such wonderfull places on the doorstep. I met John from the Corn Mill last year when we were both finalist on Britains Best Dish.

  2. This is a lovely blog but I need to point out it was done in August! I know, sorry, not enough hours in the day. Liked this one though.