Saturday, 1 January 2011

Lighten up Mr Dickens

Having watched a couple of Dickens' classics on film over the holiday - I'm reminded how unremittingly miserable the existence was of most of his characters. Did David Copperfield ever have any moments of light heartedness - hardly a one. Checked out Oliver Twist, looking for laughs - nothing. Great Expectations? Hardly a hoot.

Inventive stories, wonderfully depicted characters but uplifting lives full of happiness - nope. Generated some cracking Christmas Card images though.

A few line changes would help - publishers and Dickens' Trust take note. How much more uplifting if the line

'Please sir, I want some more?

Had been answered

'What a self assured little boy to speak up for yourself like that, yes of course you can. As a reward for your self confidence, here's a groat - go out and spend it all on sweetmeats but don't forget to share with your chums'.

Now that's much better.

Come on Mr Dickens, next time you knock out a novel - introduce a few laughs and jollity. Haven't seen a new book for a while, perhaps you've run out of ideas. Here's a suggestion for a title - 'Carry on Copperfield', should make a good film, I hear Barbara Windsor's free.

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